Virginia Car Accident Case Value

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How much is my car accident case worth?


I’m often asked what the best way is to evaluate what a car crash case is worth. There is no simple formula for evaluating what any particular car crash case is worth. Virginia cases tend to be more difficult than most states to evaluate because we have what’s called a “contributory negligence” statute in Virginia that bars any recovery for an injured person if they were at all at fault in causing the accident or not taking reasonable care for their own safety. That can translate into a lot of reasons why your case may have complications that cause it to be worth somewhat less. In Virginia, car crash cases are normally evaluated by the cost of medical care to recover from the injuries you had in the crash, plus your wage loss, and plus a component for pain and suffering. There are other claims that you can make in more complex cases, for example, permanent disabilities or orthotic aids, or inconveniences in life, such as the inability to take care of your children or inability to engage in activities or pastimes that you used to do, or other types of inconveniences and difficulties that you encounter in life.

There are so many different ways of evaluating what your case is worth. You must seek legal attention to make sure that you get the most value out of your case.

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