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If you were seriously injured in an accident due to a drunk driver, you need to contact experienced Virginia DUI accident attorney Michael Strong to fight for you.

Virginia DUI Accident AttorneyThe Strong Law Firm believes all drunk drivers are not causing crashes by accident. When you or a family member is injured by a drunk driver, the justice system usually lets you down.  The Commonwealth Attorneys frequently accept plea bargains that contain no obligation to pay for the injured party’s medical care. That leaves people who are injured by a drunk driver out in the cold.

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Our personal injury lawyers prosecute civil cases for compensation of injuries when you are injured by a drunk driver. We make it a policy to demand punitive damages in every drunk driving case we prosecute. Receiving punitive damages is not just a matter of additional funds, it is the strongest, and often times the only, tool at our disposal to bring home the message that when injured by a drunk driver anywhere in Virginia, their poor choices will not be tolerated, and they must pay dearly for their choice to endanger this community.

The typical response by insurance lawyers is to blame the victim injured by a drunk driver, as we have spoken about on other blog posts. Often, drunk driving injuries have actually been pinned on the victims, the people who were sober and innocently driving down the highway obeying the law. We refuse to tolerate the duck and cover defenses that are thrown at injury victims in drunk driving cases. We refuse to accept that a motorist could endanger everyone around them and not be held accountable for what they have CHOSEN to do by drinking and driving.

If you have been hurt in a drunk driving collision (its not an accident), you know you can rely on our team to aggressively fight for your rights in or out of the courtroom. We do not want you to feel uncomfortable as your case progresses, however, so we always show our clients compassion and discuss the details of their claims with care.

The people of Virginia have come to trust our legal counsel due to our:

  • “Superb” Avvo rating (Attorney Strong)
  • 35+ years of legal experience
  • Long list of appreciative client testimonials
  • A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau

Consequences of Drunk Driving Accidents

After you are injured by a drunk driver who plows into an innocent family, most people believe that once the police get involved, justice will surely be done and all injuries will of course be paid in full. The truth is that a criminal case against the suspect often ends in a plea bargain to a lesser offense, and the perpetrator walks him free to commit the same crime again. That is why filing a suit for personal injuries in drunk driving offenses as a civil lawsuit is often the only real remedy an injured party has to recover for lost pay, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Even if committed to a jail sentence, the perpetrator could still avoid having to pay you a cent. If you want to seek compensation, you will have to file an injury claim in civil court, and hire an aggressive personal injury lawyer to represent you.

When you come to our law firm, we will pursue damages that help you pay for:

  • Damages to your vehicle
  • Recovery costs and medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning potential
  • Punitive Damages for the harm done by the drunk driver to our entire community.

As statistics do show that drunk driving is an incredibly dangerous activity, it is unfortunate to say that your loved one may have suffered a wrongful death due to a drunk driver. In such cases, we can pursue damages related to funeral and burial costs, as well as emotional suffering from the loss. If you have been stricken with a catastrophic injury or any debilitation that could last a lifetime, we will also be sure that any compensation you receive takes the extended timeline of your recovery into account.

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You should not have to worry even more than you already have after being in a drunk driving accident that was not your fault and outside of your control. That is why our firm is proud to offer free case reviews that come as no cost to you and do not require any obligation. We just want to make you feel comfortable with your case and settle into a place where you fully understand your legal options before you make a decision. If you think that sounds like the right choice for you, call (703) 215-9097 to speak to our Virginia DUI accident attorney today.

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