Virginia Small Business Lawyer

Affordable and Experienced Guidance for Small Businesses in Virginia

Virginia Small Business LawyerMost small businesses dread the day that their company needs a lawyer. Its scary and expensive, with no end in sight! However, an experienced Virginia small business lawyer offers essential know-how on various small business-related issues, such as obtaining licensing from ABRA DC. The dedicated Virginia business lawyers at THE STRONG LAW FIRM understand the problems faced by small businesses, and have many creative solutions that can save you money on legal expenses, get the problem solved quickly, and with sound, experienced legal advice that will steer you through most any legal storm.

We offer many flat-rate fees for most legal issues. Even when an hourly rate is required, as in most litigation, you can be sure we will give you realistic estimates to fit your budget, or find other creative and less expensive solutions to resolve the problem.

As an experienced Virginia small business lawyer, I offer the following services throughout Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland, and DC:

  • Business Start Ups
  • Licensing for Restaurants with Alcohol Beverage Control Boards and ABRA DC
  • Violation Defense for ABC and ABRA DC infractions
  • New Leasing Negotiations
  • Lease Assignments and Subleases Approvals with Landlords
  • Shareholder Dispute Resolutions
  • Business Immigration Issues
  • Commercial Litigation and Collection Court Cases

If you are facing a business issue, or are considering forming a new business, please contact us to arrange a consultation. Let our 36 years of experience work for you.

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