Washington DC Doctor Linked to OxyContin Drug Sting

A Washington DC doctor was arrested earlier this week after a drug bust in Bedford, Virginia led investigators to the doctor’s Washington DC office. The police allege that the DC Doctor was involved in an elaborate OxyContin drug operation that reportedly bought and sold the illegal substance in the DC metropolitan area.

OxyContin is a highly addictive pain reliever, available only by prescription. If your doctor is administering prescription medications to you without a prescription, this might be against the law, and could be improper medical care.

Of course, giving out medication samples is a frequent and allowed practice, but taking extended doses of prescription medication given out by a doctor without a prescription is a danger sign that might lead to evidence of medical malpractice.

It is unclear if additional charges will be filed against any other accomplices or participants involved in the process. Drug trafficking is a serious problem in Virginia and Washington DC.

If you know someone who has been receiving extended doses of pain medication by a doctor without a prescription, tell them to call The Strong Law Firm to investigate the matter.