Wrongful Death Attorney Fees

Did you lose a loved one due to negligence and have concerns about wrongful death attorney fees, watch this video to learn more about contingency fees.

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How much does it cost to file a wrongful death claim?


When I’m asked by families to assist in prosecuting a claim for wrongful death in Virginia, often I’m asked the question of how much is it going to cost to handle that claim. As in most personal injury cases, attorneys will typically charge only at the end of the case on the recovery that’s made at the end of the case. That, usually, is the largest expense out of all that’s associated with prosecuting that claim.Wrongful Death Attorney FeesThere are other charges that have to be incurred, for example, in investigating the claim, or in expenses of litigation, which might include expert witnesses or medical providers or other expertise that has to come into play to establish how the accident happened that caused the death, as well as what the subsequent injuries were that led to the death.

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