Wrongful Death Case Value

Wrongful death case value varies depending on the factors and circumstances surrounding your loss. Watch this video to learn more about how it is determined.

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How much is a wrongful death case worth?


One of the most difficult questions we have to answer as lawyers is how we determine what the value of a wrongful death case is. Frankly, the difficulty in coming up with that figure has to do with the nature of the loss to begin with. It is extremely difficult to evaluate how much it’s worth to have lost a family member. I can’t imagine that I’d ever be faced with the difficulty of making that decision if I were to have lost a loved one in an accident.Wrongful Death Case ValueIn those cases, as lawyers, we have to look to the value based on what the expected lifespan would have been to the person that passed away. The value of the loss has to do with the nature of the importance of that person to the family, and the nature of the emotional connections that that person had, whether with their spouse, or children, or other loved ones in their immediate family. It’s a very difficult analysis to make, and one that takes a lot of personal time and attention. In coming up with that figure, it’s always best to have an attorney that actually will take the time to come out and meet with you and understand your family in order to come up with the best figure and best result in that case.

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